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Williams 1984 Space Shuttle System 11 Playfield parts.
Listed is the playfield and components before parts were removed.

Playfield top view.


Playfield bottom view.

Playfield Top view #1


Playfield bottom view 2.

Playfield bottom view3.

IPDB description of Space Shuttle Pinball:
Space Shuttle / IPD No. 2260 / December, 1984 / 4 Players
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Average Fun Rating:  [ 8 stars – Click for comments ]    7.7/10  (86 ratings/55 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer:  Williams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985) [Trade Name: Williams]
Model Number:  535
Common Abbreviations:  SS
MPU:  Williams System 9
Type:  Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production:  7,000 units   (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme:  Outer Space
Notable Features:  Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Kick-out holes (2), 3-bank drop targets (1), Timed drop target (1), Standup targets (7), Spinning target (1), Multiball (2 ball, 3 ball), Ramps (2), Right outlane detour gate, Lane change, Up-post between flippers. Uses a ringing bell instead of a knocker. Has speech.
Toys:  Plastic shuttle replica
Concept by:  Joe Kaminkow
Design by:  Barry Oursler, Joe Kaminkow
Art by:  Mark Sprenger
Sound by:  Eugene Jarvis, Bill Parod
Software by:  Larry DeMar
Notes:  Steve Ritchie confirmed his voice is used on this game.

For several Williams games (especially before 1987), Speech Processing was a separate task than Software Programming and may have been done by a different person than whom we list as having done the Software. Larry DeMar did the Speech Processing for this game.

This is the first solid state production pinball machine to have a playfield toy. Earlier examples of games with toys include Stoner’s 1935 ‘Zoom’ and Chicago Coin’s 1964 ‘South Pacific’.


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F14 TomCat Beacon Motor and beacon assembly. SOLD 4/2018